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Claude Kameni, the visionary fashion designer known for her vibrant and culturally rich collections, has teamed up with United Airlines and Saks Fifth Avenue to create an exclusive line of in-flight amenities that redefine luxury and comfort for travelers.

The collaboration introduces passengers to a refreshed bedding experience by Saks Fifth Avenue, featuring modern designs and select items made with recycled plastic. One standout piece is the limited-edition day blanket, designed by Claude Kameni herself. This blanket, made from 100% recycled plastic, showcases Claude's signature bold patterns inspired by her West African heritage, creating a unique blend of style and sustainability.

Claude Kameni's journey as a designer is rooted in her childhood creativity and sharp eye for colors and silhouettes. Her relocation to the United States and subsequent fashion education fueled her passion for creating eye-catching garments that celebrate African design traditions while appealing to a global audience.

The collaboration between Claude Kameni, United Airlines, and Saks Fifth Avenue exemplifies a commitment to innovation, cultural diversity, and environmental responsibility. Through Claude's unique designs and Saks' fashion-forward approach, passengers can enjoy a luxurious and stylish travel experience that reflects Claude's rich cultural heritage and design expertise.

Experience the comfort and style of Claude Kameni's limited-edition day blanket and other exclusive amenities in United Airlines' Polaris business class cabin, available through early 2024. Embrace the journey with Claude Kameni and elevate your travel experience with a touch of African-inspired luxury.